NECO Agric Practical Answers 2021 Specimen [27th July 2021]


2021 NECO Agric Specimen is Out – See Neco Agricultural Science Practical Answers Here.


The Neco Agric practical answers 2021 specimen has now been outlined for examination. The National Examination Council (NECO) Agriculture Practical paper is scheduled to be written on Tuesday 27th July 2021.

The NECO Agriculture Practical exam will commence by 10:00 am and will last for 1hr 30mins. Here in this post, we are highlighting samples of the NECO Agric Specimens’ list materials that were used in the Agricultural Practical Examination past questions that are likely to be repeated for this year.

NECO Agric Practical Specimen 2021.

SPECIMEN A = Knapsack Sprayer
SPECIMEN B= Watering Can
SPECIMEN C= Secateurs
SPECIMEN D= Measuring Tape
SPECIMEN E= Sandy soil
SPECIMEN F= Clay soil
SPECIMEN G= Loamy soil
SPECIMEN I= Orange fruit
SPECIMEN J= Cassava Tuber
SPECIMEN K= Pineapple
SPECIMEN L= Animal Horn
SPECIMEN M= Fish meal
SPECIMEN N= Bone meal
SPECIMEN O= Blood meal.


NECO Agric Practical Answers 2021 Questions.

1. (a) Identify specimens E, F and G.
(b) In a tabular form, compare three physical characteristics of specimens E and F.
(c) (i) Which of specimens  E and F would you recommend for pond construction?
(ii) Give one reason for your answer in 1(c)(i).
(d) List two ways of improving specimen G for crop production.
(e) State two ways by which specimen G is of economic importance in agriculture.

2. (a) For each of specimens A, B and C  name two farm tools that can perform functions similar to those of the specimens.
(b) Describe how each of specimens B and C is used.
(c) Describe each of specimens A and C.
(d) Enumerate four advantages of using farm tools for farm work.

3. (a) Check back soon.

4. (a) Name specimens I, J and K.
(b) List two products that can be made from specimen M.
(c) Make a drawing 8 – 10cm long of a longitudinal section of specimen I as observed. Label the diagram fully.
(d) State two economic uses of each of specimens J and K.


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