Download Unlimited Files With Latest MTN Browsing Cheat [June 2020]

The New mPulse Free Browsing cheat

We all know that mpulse gives you a special data plan .This data plan gives you 1.2GB for just N150 This new mpulse data works on Google websites, i.e: Google Play Store, Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, Gmail+, Drive, Chrome etc.

This simply means you can use mPulse special data bundle to download anything from google play store, watching YouTube
videos, sending and receiving email via Gmail, even downloading/ uploading files to Google Drive.

Now, let me show you how to download without limit using mpulse data bundles.

How to Download Without Limit Using mPulse Data  Bundles (New mPulse Cheat)

I am going to show you how to download unlimitedly using your phone or your pc.

If you are using Android or IOS, follow the steps below :

  • Go to-
  • Copy and paste the direct download link of the file you want to download on the site, under the FILE URL
  • click on SAVE TO Google Drive and it would be uploaded directly on your Google Drive.
  • Go and save the file directly from your Google Drive

For PC users, use the following method.

How to download unlimitedly using mPulse data bundles on PC

To download without limit using mpulse data bundles on your PC, just

  • Add the new Save to Drive Chrome extension to your Chrome browser
  • Add to Chrome extension
  • Install the extension on your Chrome browser
      • • The HTML source code a Web archive (.mht)

      After you install the extension on your Google Chrome Browser, you can click on the Drive extension icon to save:

        • • an image of an entire page or an image of the visible page
      •  .files
      • You can right-click on images or links to files and save them directly to Drive.
  • After you save using the extension, you’ll see options to immediately open the file in Drive, rename it, or view it in your Drive list, from there you will be able to download the file with your mPulse data bundles.
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