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Can I Apply For Post UTME With Awaiting Result? Find out Now.

Can I apply for post utme with awaiting results? which schools accept awaiting results for post utme?, will I gain admission if I use awaiting results?. Since you’re here,  all these questions will be answered once and for all. List Of Schools That Accept Awaiting Result For Admission

Now to be sincere, It’s actually one the hard things students with awaiting results try to understand. Can I apply for post utme with awaiting?. What if the school starts post utme when my olevel result hasn’t been released what do I do?.

To find out the solution to all of this I enjoin you to read this article painstakingly. Read every line as it’ll enable you to understand everything I’ll be explaining here.

I could remember last year when my junior brother wrote WAEC and his result was delayed for about 3months.

Then the time for Post UTME started, just like in your case he was very scared and he would ask me every day, “Bro are you sure, Can I apply for Post UTME with awaiting result” I repeat the same thing every day, giving him the same answer.

At some point, I got fed up, although there’s nothing I can do to make him stop worrying cause I understood how he felt then.

My point here is, you do not need to worry as many schools know for sure they’ll always be a delay the release of O’Level results but they don’t want to accept in most cases.

Can I Apply For Post UTME With Awaiting Result?

Prior to all I’ve said above, You can apply for Post UTME With awaiting results.

All Universities and Polytechnics accept awaiting result for admission into any department. So you do not need to worry as they do give time for awaiting result candidate time to upload their O’Level results pending the time Admission List will be released.

But this answer is limited to some extent, That is if the University or polytechnic you want to apply for requires you to register for its application during registration, that means they don’t accept awaiting results.

But that’s notwithstanding I’ve written an article on that which you can read here>>> List of Schools That Accept Awaiting Result for admission, I’ll advise you check it out to find out if your preferred school fall in the category.

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