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Best Business Schools In South Africa

South Africa has some of the finest business schools in the continent which have even been featured in Financial Times business schools rankings. University of Cape Town is one of such school has been ranked 71st and 89th in 2009 and 2010 consecutively for their top shot MBA programs.

While many schools offer all sorts of business programs and courses, only a handful really stand out in the pack. In this light, if you are a looking for a really great business school to get started in your professional career in business, we have outlined 10 best business schools in South Africa to help in your pick.

These business schools are top rated based on a couple of factors or metrics such as research strength, ethics, knowledge base and application in the real world use cases.

Top 10 Best Business Schools In South Africa

1. Westford University College

Westford University College is one of the few business schools in South Africa that offer quality trainings for students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels of academic learning. It is a prestigious school with its headquarters in the UAE and satellite branches spread across various countries and continents across the globe to include the United States, United Kingdom, Africa and South Asia.

Westford University College has a primary vision that is predicated on equipping its students with the finest knowledge in cutting-edge business trends. The school has formulated a comprehensive training portfolio that includes solid economic analysis, management, and global partnerships, all permeated through a conduit of modern-day technological best practices.

Westford University College has over a thousand students enrolled in its wide variety of business programs. Innovation and evolution is the watch word at Westford University College, which is why students continue to flock in from far and wide to enroll in its business programs.

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2. International School of Management (ISM)

International School of Management is one of the many great business schools in South Africa. It has its headquarters in Paris, France with satellite branches scattered in many countries across the globe to include the US, India, China and Brazil etc. At the International School of Management, students are equipped with the finest knowledge and tools to get them started in the harsh world of business.

Students who pass through this school have ended up as major captains of industries and top business leaders in many disciplines. International School of Management awards a variety of degree programs such as DBAs, IMBAs and PhDs to include a few.

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3. IES Abroad

IES Abroad is every would-be business professional’s delight. The school was founded on a strong principle of instilling excellence in its students from the get. They have a rich roaster of the finest tutors who offer qualitative training to students and professionals who seek knowledge in the do’s and dont’s of the business world.

IES Abroad graduates more than 5,000 students yearly from its programs and degree courses taught in its many satellite branches around the world.

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4. University of Johannesburg

At University of Johannesburg, students are trained to become business professionals and captains of industries. Its business programs are enriched with a dynamic curriculum that incorporates best practices for the business hemisphere that students and professionals can thrive on in their career space.

University of Johannesburg’s business schools is deeply rooted in a strong heritage and is premises on indigenous to continental economic growth and development.

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5. Eta College

Eta College is one of the leading business schools in South Africa. It is a privately-owned institution of higher learning that offers the best training to students looking to specialize in the sports and fitness field of endeavor.

Because of its niche in the sports industry, it’s curriculum is fine-tuned and well adapted to industry trends and best practices that it equips its students with in order for them to thrive when they eventually graduate. At Eta College, every student is assured of quality training from the best tutors in the field.

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6. European Bartender School

European Bartender School has one of the best bartending schools in South Africa and students are assured of quality training to get them started in the bartending field. The school incorporates a standard learning approach that finesses students in the field of customer care, business etiquette, and sophistication.

European Bartender School has graduated more than 65,000 students from its programs since inception 20 years ago.

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7. Bay Language Institute

When students study at Bay Language Institute, it is with the understanding that they graduate and become valuable members of the business community. The school is located at the coastal city of Port Elizabeth and has one of the most robust curricula to fit their vision behind the school.

Bay Language Institute has graduated a lot of students who have gone on to become captains of industries in many endeavors which is why this school is ranked one of the best in business training in South Africa.

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8. University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business

University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business is one of South Africa’s and in fact the continent’s most prestigious business schools. It is internationally recognized and well respected across the globe. The University of Cape Town has been ranked 71st and 89th in 2009 and 2010 consecutively in Financial Times business schools rankings for their top shot MBA programs.

It also has a lot of endorsement from international bodies such as the European Foundation for Management Development, The Association of MBAs as well as The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. All of these accreditations go to show the grit and caliber of this institution.

University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business has graduated many great business leaders in South African society and has continued to on its mantra for excellence for the many years it has been in operation.

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AFDA is a prestigious business school established in 1994 with a mission to providing the right kind of quality training for students and professional who wish to become major players in the South African business community.

It was established by three professionals: Deon Opperman, Garth Holmes and Bata Passchier to fulfill a goal premised on deep foundational knowledge on business etiquettes as well as human capital development. The school is located in Johannesburg.

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10. East London University

Standing as one of the many greats in South Africa, East London University was established over 20 years ago in 1998. The school chronicles the birth of private universities in South Africa. It has a spacious and serene environment that allows students to collaborate and thrive. Currently, East London University has over 2000 students enrolled in its wide variety of programs.

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