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Affordable Universities to Study in Dubai

Dubai, the Arabian Country is a well-developed and established country. To settle and work in Dubai is a dream of many students as in Dubai the person can have much better living and flourished earning.

If you study from any top university in Dubai, there is a very high chance of getting a job and settling in Dubai. You can have the best-advanced living standard and much better income, by working in Dubai. Dubai is having some of the world’s best stable and exceptional universities.

So, if you are someone looking to study and settle in Dubai, this article is for you.

Here in this article, we will guide you with a complete list of top universities in Dubai, that you can afford. Have a look at this article and secure your seat at any top university in Dubai.

British University in Dubai

Starting our list with this top university in Dubai. This university is working on a modern style of academics, providing the students with the best of skills and education. This is a private university that is mostly based on researches and new discoveries. Moreover, this university is affiliated to top universities in the United Kingdom.

This university is progressing day by day. The main programs offered by this university are Business, Accounting, Engineering, Science, Information Technology, and modern education. You can get admission in this top university in your relevant subject.

American University in Dubai

This is a private university established in 1995. The main purpose of this university is to provide education based on the American Academic system in Dubai. This university is included in the list of most diverse and wide universities in the world.

This university provides you the courses of Arts, Education, Business, Management, Science and Architecture. This university provides advanced and modern education to the students. You can avail of the offer of best-advanced academics with fewer charges.

United Arab Emirates University

This is one of the eldest university in the United Arab Emirates. This university has developed to a reputed and maintained institute with great efforts and commitments.

The major languages offered in this university are Arabic, English, and Mathematical assumptions. The students can get the best research skills by studying in this university.

Khalifa University

This university was established in 2007 and the major focus of this university is science and technology. The main concern of this university is to develop and make the students skillful about the oil-refineries of the state.

The teachers make the students aware of the latest technology and skills that they can use in their oil companies.

Ajman University

This is one of the cheapest institutes in Dubai. This university was developed in 1988. This university is included in the list of the first few universities developed in UAE, in the private sector.

This institute has 2 sub-campuses in the cities of Dubai. This university offers the students the courses of Law, Business, Medical, and management.

American University in Sharjah

This is another private university which was developed in 1997. This university uses the modern form of technology and advancement to provide the students with the best of results and skills.

This university charges less and offers more than 70 courses in the Undergraduate programs, 16 different programs in the postgraduate plan, and many options in Ph.D. You can choose and can get modern skills in your favorite course within affordable charges.

Alhosn University

This university was developed in 2005. This is a private university that offers you a variety of programs that you can choose and study.

This university offers you the departments of Art, Business, Engineering, and Social Sciences, in which you can complete your graduation and post-graduation in any relevant field.

Al Ghurair University

This university was established in 1999.  This is a privately running university that provides the students with a variety of options for studying.

Canadian University of Dubai

This university was established in 2006. This university is running under the Canadian system of academics. The purpose of this university is to provide advanced studies to the Dubai students.

This university provides exceptional studies like the advanced standard of the Canadian Curriculum.

Al-Ain University of Science and Technology

This is one of the cheapest universities in the United Arab Emirates. This university provides the skills and education of technology and development. You can get your seat reserved in this university through online application and by getting details through the official website.

The University of Wollongong in Dubai

This is one of the best but less charging universities. You can get the facilities of studying at a top university, by paying fewer fees. This university was established in 1993. You can improve your skills by getting admission in this university.

We hope to provide you with all the important details about the best universities in Dubai that are less costing and provides you with exceptional studies.

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