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This is about us page of FlashSchoolGist.com. FlashSchoolGist is an Educational website that serves as a source of reliable educational news, information, and career guide with the sole purpose of inspiring, Motivating, Guiding, Educating, and impacting students and helping them maximize their potentials.

As a Matter of Fact, This website was borne out of inspiration.

CEO of Flashschoolgist strive hard to obtain quality and trusted information before publicizing to students.

Oyeniyi Michael Barry
Oyeniyi Michael Barry

I am Oyeniyi Michael Barry the brain behind flashschoolgist, I am the young blogger from the future ⚡

I am also the brain behind flashacAdemy, one of the best educational websites in Africa. 

Our main aim is to disseminate quality and resourceful information with respect to educational information strictly. You may contact us here= Contact Us.or read our privacy policy

Favorite Quotes

  • Time is not a handset but an asset.
  • The picture of your future is in a mirror, and the mirror is in your interior, not to make you inferior but that in your exterior you may become superior.
  • Every transformation occurs as a result of information.
  • What makes you matter is your mental capacity to handle matters that really matter.
  • If you don’t carry  “BIRO” today, get ready to push “wheel-barrow” tomorrow.
  • You look exactly like your mind although it’s not in your mind if you don’t mind. 


-Schools (Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges)

-Companies and Scholarship Bodies

-Tech companies with products and schooling materials

-And more Organizations that are bent on rendering education services…

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